Bagley Mountain OHV Project

How does this effect C/R and/or citizens:
Promotes economical stability by creating a range of recreational opportunities.  Citizens will not have to drive to out of Shasta County to enjoy a range of opportunities.

Research completed:
Committee attended a meeting where Recreation Outdoors Coalition presented a power point on the potential opportunities that could be created in the Bagley Mountain Area.  Maps were available showing the potential opportunities that could be created to provide a well managed OHV area with a range of opportunities, camping opportunities and potential parking for groups.

Upon completion this project would provide a range of opportunities in a well managed area close to the City of Redding.

Rational for priority:
This is an on-going project that ROC received a grant to work on in partnership with the STNF.  ROC will produce a conceptual plan for the Shasta Lake District and the Supervisors Office by the end of the year 2012.  It is important that this project not be allowed to drop out of sight when ROC’s portion is complete.

Additional Information:
It is advisable that the coordination committee (council) retain this project on a list of pending projects and to advise the STNF through coordination that they are aware of this project and want to receive updates as to progress.   

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