Beegum Water Restoration Project

How does this effect C/R and/or citizens:
Promotes recreational opportunities that create better economic benefit.  Provides varied range of recreational opportunities for OHV, hunting, fishing, etc.

Research completed:
Coordination Committee drove the roads to get an understanding of which roads and areas will be affected by potential road closures and changes in road maintenance levels.  Forest service guidebook and handbook and various rules and regulations were reviewed for road maintenance and decommissioning.

Citizens of the area were contacted to see if they were aware of the project and if the FS had followed protocol by doing an economic analysis for the business and citizens of the area.  We found nothing to substantiate that this requirement had been fulfilled.

It was the determination of the committee that many of the roads in question could remain open with a small amount of mitigation.  Several of the route slated for closure would make very good single track and/or quad trails and several would make great jeep trails with minor mitigation.  In addition we found no compelling rationale that decommissioning would enhance the environment.

Rational for priority:
The STNF is currently looking at the alternative the committee (under ROC) submitted and have advised us that the outcome of that evaluation should be available by early summer.  The STNF has applied for a grant to mitigate the concerns on those routes that will be designated as trails for single track/quad sue.

Additional Information:
It is advisable that the coordination committee (council) retain this project on a list of pending projects and to advise the STNF through coordination that they are aware of this project and want to receive updates as to progress.

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