Help Defeat CARB

Hello, my name is Dick Wright and I’m the chairman the Shasta County Coordination Committee. We are a totally volunteer citizens group comprised of folks that are dedicated to using one of the few tools still available to combat out of control federal and state agency regulations. That tool is called Coordination, and it was written into the original NEPA legislation passed by Congress.

Although this process was little used until a few years ago, it has been successful in many cases, the most prominent of which was the complete stoppage of the Trans Texas Corridor, a proposed super-wide highway from Texas to the Canadian border for the exclusive use of truck traffic in and out of Mexico. Many property rights case have also been successfully fought and won across the country as a result of the Coordination process.

Several months ago, the City of Redding, at the urging of Councilman Gary Cadd, approached our committee with a request that we study the regulations put forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandating the retrofit of particulate filters on 2006 and older on-highway diesel trucks. The City asked us to determine whether the Coordination process could be used to at least slow down, if not reverse, the economic disaster that is the result of these rules. As I mentioned above, our committee is all volunteer, and honestly, none of us are directly involved in the trucking industry. But the more we studied these rules, and the more we talked to the folks most affected, the more obvious it became that all Californians will pay a heavy price if these rules are allowed to stand.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with me? You may not be an owner/operator, a small or medium fleet owner, or anyone involved directly or indirectly with the trucking industry, but you will be affected by the increased cost of ALL goods delivered or moved in California as a result of these regulations.

As a result of the committee’s work, the City of Redding passed a formal resolution invoking Coordination with CARB. As we fully expected, CARB replied to the City that they are not mandated to comply with the Coordination process. At this point we enlisted the help of a man named Fred Kelly Grant, our mentor, and the first person in the country to successfully utilize coordination. Fred is a former criminal attorney and Federal Prosecutor, but a little over 20 years ago he began representing property owners in their struggles against Federal agencies trying to take their land and their water rights. Since then Fred has dedicated his life to these kinds of issues. By the way, it was Fred who spearheaded the shutdown of the Trans Texas corridor.

Fred feels passionately that we are on very solid ground in our effort against CARB, in fact this will be one of only four cases he focuses on this year. Although Fred has given so much of his time to us on this, and many other issues, fighting CARB will ultimately end in court, and that means we need to raise money. Part of the committee’s agreement with the City of Redding is that any funding necessary to take this issue to court, if necessary, would be raised by contributions from the public. Many of you belong to organizations that have already filed suit against CARB, so believe me, I understand that asking you to contribute to yet another group is asking a lot. Let me assure you that Mr. Grant is not a celebrity attorney asking for outrageous fees, and that no one on our committee will receive any compensation for any work we do on this project. Your donation will go 100% to the actual cost of getting CARB to comply with their legally mandated obligation to Coordinate with the City.

We all know the economy stinks, and many of you truckers don’t even know if you’ll still be on the road next year, but this issue is too important, the consequences are too high. Any contributions, no matter how small, will help. If you’re in the trucking industry, thank you so much for the important contribution you make to enriching the lives of all of us who benefit from your delivery of goods and services. If you’re a resident of California you are already starting to feel the pinch of higher prices on goods you buy every day. Help us roll back the economic disaster that these regulations created by donating whatever you feel is appropriate

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