Proposed Potato Buttes OHV Area

How does this effect C/R and/or citizens:
Creates revenues and allows for a range of recreational opportunities for local citizens as well as the potential of bringing out of town visitors into the area to use this OHV area.

Research completed:
Recreation Outdoors Coalition is a stakeholder in this project and has been involved in the planning since it started being developed.  A number of field trips were included in the research.  The area was scoured for information to help determine how to best utilize this area.  Grant monies received for this project were reviewed to allow participants to have knowledge of what expectations were for the outcome of this project.

ROC completed a conceptual plan for this area that included a range of manageable opportunities.  Suggestions were made by ROC for diverting OHV use from the PC Trail and from the private property that border this area to more acceptable parts of the area.  The conceptual plan allowed for natural boundaries that would help contain the use to acceptable areas.  This area has the potential to be a first class OHV area with a range of opportunities.

Rational for priority:
This small but totally perfect area for OHV expansion is one that the City of Redding should coordinate on by making the LNF aware they are aware of this project and feel it would be very beneficial to the economic future of the area and to the City of Redding.

Additional Information:
The last meeting was held Tuesday, 11/2/10 and an Enterprise Team has been hired to look at the project.  It is possible the District Ranger wants the outcome to only include two tiny areas for OHV development thus ignoring the greater recreational opportunity this area could bring.  The grant runs out in December of this year.  The LNF coordination process should include this wonderful project that has the potential to bring people into the area.  Through coordination,  the City could see the area developed to its full potential.  The City also wants to be included as a stakeholder and kept aware of any changes as they develop.  This is a very specific coordination item to be put on agenda.

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